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The Death of a King

Robert Hale 1985 - Artwork by Barbara Walton

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This compelling novel, a historical mystery, begins in 1344. Edmund Beche., a royal clerk, is instructed to carry out a secret investigation into the horrific murder at Berkeley Castle, some seventeen years earlier, of King Edward II of England. Beche is soon drawn into a web of intrigue, violence and murder, as his task takes him to war-torn France, the ancient tombs of Gloucester and the dangerous slums of mediaeval London and Rome. Even more threatening are the sinister characters who want Beche's probing stopped at any cost. Beche eventually flees to Italy where his assignment involves him in further double-cross and counter double-cross, before he discovers the startling truth behind Edward II's death. This novel consists of certain letters written by Beche to the Prior of Croyland Abbey. The author has researched the period carefully and many of his startling revelations have a strong basis in historical evidence.

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