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Crown in Darkness

Robert Hale 1988
A Hugh corbett Mystery

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Crown in Darkness is a thrilling medieval historical 'whodunnit' set in the 12903 amid the turbulent intrigue of the Scottish court. Alexander III of Scotland was riding to meet his beautiful bride, Yolande, when he fell to his death one dark, storm-ridden night. Alexander left the Scottish throne vacant of any real heir, though the powerful nobles of his own kingdom, as well as the great European princes, immediately saw the Scottish crown as a prize worth fighting for. Hugh Corbett, a clerk in the English Chancery, is sent to Scotland by his old master, the Chancellor, Bishop Burnell, to discover the truth behind Alexander's death and report on the chaotic situation at the Scottish court. Corbett is drawn into malevolent intrigue and suspicion as he attempts to elucidate the truth. He has to visit not only the powerful noblemen of Scotland, but deal also with the subtle intrigues of the French envoy. In addition, he meets the last dark tribes of the Picts in their great forest strongholds, and listens to the prophetic warnings of Thomas the Rhymer, the greatest seer in Scottish history. Corbett has to face many dangers before he finds the truth in a tense, exciting climax.

PC Doherty


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