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D.M. Devine

Devil at Your Elbow

Collins Crime Club 1966
Jacket by: Lack of Creative Thought Ltd

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A lobby is active to oust Dr. Haxton from his job at Hardgate University. He is said to have cooked the accounts of the summer school to his own advantage. The beautiful Lucille Provan is a principal in the movement to get rid of him. Haxton defends himself with threats: he will expose the real truth of a university scandal some years earlier, when a young girl had died as the result of an abortion. It is Haxton's threat which re-creates the tension and drama of an old crisis, and leads to murder.

This is a classical detective story set in a modern redbrick university. The customs and traditions of university life are cunningly woven into an exciting narrative that leads to a revelation which—though perfectly fair—will surprise many readers.

D. M. Devine is already widely respected and read as the author of detective novels set convincingly in contemporary life. Great critical acclaim greeted his last book, His Own Appointed Day, of which Julian Symons said in the Sunday Times: This book really does fill one with that almost anguished but pleasurable desire to reach the solution that is the hallmark of a good detective novel.'

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