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The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Devil's Bread Robert Hale 1969 US: Zebra 1974 as The Yaroslav Incident
The Chatham Rats Robert Hale 1969 US: Pinnacle 1975 as
Operation Scorpio by David Mariner
A Shackleton Called Sheila Robert Hale 1970 US: Pinnacle Books, 1974 as
Countdown 1000 by David Mariner
A White Lie and No Glory Robert Hale 1971 US: Pinnacle 1974 as
The Last Bridge
The Beaufort Dossier Robert Hale 1973 US book: Zebra 1974
Symbol of Vengeance Robert Hale 1975
The Seventy Minute Fuse Futura Publications 1976 BL lists only a paperback book
Castle of the Dead Robert Hale 1977
Sinister Charade Robert Hale 1979

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David Mariner Author Biography - Information About the Author
David Mariner is a pseudonym of David MacLeod Smith who was born in 1920.
Readers are well-served as paperbacks are generally available but collectors will struggle to find collectable copies with dust jackets, the usual story, ex-library. Scarce as they are you shouldn't need to pay too much for them if you can find them, online being your best bet.
Books published in America are noted when known.

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