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Mark Cross

Surprise for the Four

Hodder & Stoughton 1937
Jacket artist J.F. Campbell

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DAVID STANDISH, lawyer, of Lincoln's Inn, came walking across Grosvenor Square in leisurely fashion, for the February day was mild and the sun was shining brightly out of a cloud-flecked sky. Arriving at one of the large houses he walked slowly up the steps and pressing the bell, turned round and directed his gaze to a man who at that moment was disappearing round the corner of the square about fifty yards away. Standing there with the sunlight on him David Standish showed himself to be about fifty years of age, tall but with a slight stoop, clean shaven and impassive of face as a good lawyer should be and so very often is, and gold-spectacled. His clothes well-cut and comfortable suggested prosperity ; so too did the small leather attache" case with the initials ' D.M.S.' neatly engraved on it. The door was opened by a trim maid who greeted the lawyer with the deferential smile that is reserved

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