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John Creasey

The Toff and the Deep Blue Sea

Hodder & Stoughton 1955
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THE Honourable Richard Rollison was walking along the promenade at Nice. He was alone. It was crystal clear that there was no need for him to be alone. Many gazed upon him, some with such obvious longing that most men would have found it embarrassing. He did not. Nor did he revel; instead, he rode through, as it were, not wholly oblivious but not deeply concerned. In fact, it was rather pleasant. Especially opposite the Hotel St. Germain, where the girl with the monstrous wide hat and the most seductive little figure on the Riviera, gazed longingly at him. She nearly spoke. He glanced at her, inclined his head with a gravity and a courtliness which would not have shamed a Frenchman of a century ago, and passed her by. She watched him go. It was equally pleasant by the little shelter opposite the Hotel San Roman. The girl here was taller, built on a somewhat more generous scale, beautifully dressed, magnificently glamorous, and with hair so black that a raven would have looked upon it with envy. She took a quick, timorous step forward. RolHnson glanced at her also, and inclined his head in the grand manner, and walked by; she watched him tensely, if not tearfully, as if every thought in her mind were urging her to follow but some fear held her back. The promenade at Nice is wide, spacious, and free to all. It may cost a fortune to have a room with a balcony overlooking the breath-taking beauty of the headland to the left,

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