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George Harmon Coxe

One Way Out

Published By Hammond: Cloak & Dagger Mystery in 1961
Jacket artwork: Unsigned

George Harmon Coxe One Way Out

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Synopsis from George Harmon Coxe's One Way Out

The tall man with the moustache bowed solemnly. I am Red Delagado,' he said. '/ must apologia for the methods used to bring you here. Had it not been of such importance I would not have done so. . . . Please sit Juwn.' To Rick Marston, taking a few days' holiday in New: Orleans on his way back from two years of newspaper work in Caracas, these words were hardly reassuring. Forced at gunpoint from a Bourbon Street cabaret on his first night in the city, chauffeured to a strange house on a dark street, and confronted by a man who looked his own double, he was bewildered and angry. It later became clear to Rick that he had a job to do; one that would involve him in the dangerous politics of a small South American country, and lead him into dealings with persons who employed deadly methods in pursuing their own ends. . . . And hour by hour it became clearer to Rick that Jane Chandler, the lovely blonde who had reasons of her own for being involved in all this, was for him the key to the situation. In the tradition of master story-telling, George Harmon Coxe has again written a breathless thriller worthy of his expert pen.

George Harmon Coxe    


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