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George Harmon Coxe

One Hour to Kill

Hammond and Hammond 1964

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The familiar odour of perfume greeted him when he turned the knob to Fay's bedroom, and in that first instant when he saw the limp and crumpled figure in the wicker chair he knew instinctively that his wife was dead. . . .

Dave Wallace had come to Trinidad to forget the past and his scheming and predatory estranged wife, Fay. But Fay had reneged on their divorce agreement and had followed him to the island, had moved in on him bag and baggage, and begun running around with three different men. Now she was dead—strangled with her own necklace—and Wallace, who had quarrelled with her only an hour before, still bore the scratch marks from her fingernails on the back of his hand.

Of the men in Fay's life, he himself became at once the most logical suspect. In this mystery novel, George Harmon Coxe weaves an absorbing and suspenseful tale of murder on a Caribbean island.

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