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George Harmon Coxe

Never Bet Your Life

Hammond and Hammond 1955

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It was strange that the man responsible for John Gannon's two suicide attempts should have arrived at the Seabeach Hotel on that hot Florida afternoon. For that night Gannon was killed—after Dave Barnum had unexpectedly passed out at the Club 80. It would seem there were plenty of mo-tives for murder, for Gannon had been a pretty hard boy, a gambler and a promoter, amongst other things, and had never lacked enemies.

At first Capt. Vaughn had considered Dave Barnum one of his best suspects. Later, when Betty Nelson narrowly missed being the second victim Dave knew that with or without the help of Capt. Vaughn he would have to find the ans-wer himself before it was too late. This is yet another of George Harmon Coxe's smooth, satisfying mysteries. As one well-known reviewer said : You can hardly call yourself a mystery fan if you've never read any of his stories.' And, of course, if you have, you know you will enjoy this one.

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