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George Harmon Coxe

Murder in Havana

Published By Hammond in 1945
Jacket artwork Signed GWG - So GW Goss ?

George Harmon Coxe Murder in Havana

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Synopsis from George Harmon Coxe's Murder in Havana

A young but rather tired American engineer who has been on a secret United States Navy mission to the Caribbean islands, slops in Havana for a holiday before returning to Washington. There are still good drinks and high-stake gambling and lovely women and hot sunshine in Havana. There are also refugees from all over the world stranded there, waiting for visas to enter America ; and there are crooks and gunmen and spies. With that colorful and exciting setting as his lackground, Coxe has created one of his finest murder-mystery stories— a yarn which moves all the time, involves interesting characters, and is built around a crime that is very real. That crime leads to a scene with a Nazi submarine captain that is one of the best things Coxe has has ever done—which is saying a great deal about a writer whose works are read eagerly by thousands of mystery fans.

George Harmon Coxe    


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