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George Harmon Coxe

The Man Who Died Twice

Hammond and Hammond 1955

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WHO was Jim MacQuade ; old John MacQuade's nephew, the man Tenney had known in the London hospital—a fortune hunter trying to cash in on a good thing, or a murderer ? Kate Royce knew part of the answer, but had her own reasons for keeping it to herself. Majot Gilette, Deputy Com-missioner of Police, found it hard to believe that anyone who had been wounded in Germany wouldn't know a dead man when he saw one.

And old John MacQuade had certainly been dead —murder—the night Jim had been seen climbing through the window of his study. It was to take another death, though—and almost a third—before the mystery on the palm-dotted little island of Barbados was to be cleared up. And then the climax was to have the drama of a far grimmer place. George Harmon Coxe has long been a favourite with mystery-readers who like their thrillers with an air of authenticity, a sure craftsmanship, and a quiet but ever increasing suspense.

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