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Conyth Little

The Black Dream

Collins Crime Club 1953

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A cook in the kitchen is only to be expected, but not a cook's corpse ! Agatha Bunson was horrified to find Em's dead body there. She had a terrible fear that she herself might have done the murder while sleepwalking. In a panic she hides Em in the cupboard under the stairs. Inspector Lewis, called in to investigate Em's disappearance, at once smells, if not precisely the body in the cupboard, certainly a substantial rat! Over Miss Bunson's boarding-house table, and innumerable cups of midnight coffee, he pursues his investigations, adding some barbed comments to the generally crazy conversation of a motley collection of boarders. In the end he unmasks both a ghost and a murderer. Crime with a smile is the Conyth Little Slogan. The Black Dream is excellent entertainment.

Conyth Little

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