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Colin Robertson Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Yellow Strangler Ward Lock 1934 Dust jacket 7/6
Painted Faces Ditto 1935 Jan 35. DW 7/6
Night Shadows Ward Lock 1935 Oct 35. Dustwrapper 7/6
The Black Onyx Ring Mellifont 1936 Not in the ECB
Devil or saint? Ward Lock 1936 Apr 36. Dustwrapper 7/6
The Marble Tomb Mystery Ditto 1936 Sept 36. Dust jacket 7/6
House of Intrigue Ditto 1937 Feb 37. DW 7/6. Artwork by Abbey
The Fake Ditto 1937 Sept 37. DW 7/6
White Menace Ditto 1938 DW 7/6
The Stalking Stranger Ditto 1939 Mar 39. DW 7/6
The Temple of Dawn Ditto 1939 Oct 39. DW 7/6
Soho Spy Ditto 1940 DW 7/6
Ghost Fingers Ditto 1941 ECB list only 1942 4/- cheap edition
The Amazing Corpse Ditto 1942 Mar 42. DW 7/6
Zero Hour Ward 1942 Nov 42. DW 7/6
Alibi in Black Ditto 1944 DW 7/6
Explosion! Ditto 1945 DW 8/6
The Dark Knight Ditto 1946  
Two Must Die Ward Lock 1946 Brown cloth, black titles. DW 8/6
Without Motive Pendulum 1946  
The Devil's Lady Ward Lock 1947  
Calling Peter Grayleigh Ditto 1948  
Knaves' Castle Ditto 1948  
Death Wears Red Shoes Ditto 1949  
Sweet Justice Ditto 1949  
Dusky Limelight Ditto 1950  
Peter Grayleigh Flies High Ditto 1951  
Demon's Moon Ditto 1951  
The Tiger's Claws Ditto 1951  
Lady, Take Care WH Allen 1952  
North for Danger W.H. Allen 1952 Dust jacket by Mudge Marriott
No Trial No Error Ditto 1953  
Smugglers' Moon Ward 1954  
You Can Keep the Corpse Ditto 1955  
Venetian Mask Ward 1956  
Murder in the Morning John Long 1957 Dust jacket artwork by Sax
The Eastlake Affair John Long 1957  
Who Rides a Tiger? Long 1958  
The Golden Triangle Robert Hale 1959  
The Threatening Shadows Ditto 1959  
Night Trap Ditto 1960  
Murder Sits Pretty Ditto 1961  
Time to Kill Hale 1961  
Dark Money Ditto 1962  
Conflict of Shadows Ditto 1963 Green cloth, black titles. Jacket 10/6
The Frightened Widow Ditto 1963  
Dead on Time Ditto 1964  
Clash of Steel Robert Hale 1965  
Sinister Moonlight Ditto 1965  
The Judas Spies Ditto 1966  
Killer's Mask Ditto 1966  
Double Take Ditto 1967  
Project X Robert Hale 1968  
Twice Dead Ditto 1968  
The Devil's Cloak Ditto 1969  
A Lonely Place to Die Ditto 1969  
The Green Diamonds Robert Hale 1970  

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Colin Robertson BiographyFurther Information
Colin Robertson, born 1906 to 1980, had the following series characters: Peter Grayleigh, Superintendent Bradley, INspector John Martin, Vicky McBain, Edward North and Alan Steel.


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