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Christianna Brand

Green for Danger

Bodley Head 1945

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Under the harsh, glaring light of the operating theatre, in full view of the surgeon and his assistants, a man dies; a harmless old man a 'death on the table' such as leaves no member of the medical profession unmoved. The first verdict is, of course,accidental. But suddenly the sinister word 'murder' is whispered until, like a forest fire, it licks through the hospital. In murder's train come murder's ugly progeny doubt and distrust and secrecy and, above all, fear : a fear that mounts to terror as again and again the murderer strikes. A great military hospital is a whole world apart, a world peopled not by stiff, white automata, but by human men and women each with their joys and their sorrows, their loves and their hates. Christianna Brand knows this world as well as she knows the people who dwell in it ; and against its bright, antiseptic background, its reek of ether, its undercurrent of pity and pain, she has cast her new story an exciting successor to Death in High Heels and Heads You Lose. 'Those who spotted Christianna Brand as a bright and shining star when she wrote Heads You Lose,' writes an American reviewer, 'were correct and then some! Green for Danger is twice as good. A glittering exhibit from the topmost drawer.' We guess you'll have to read It!

Christianna Brand

Classic Crime Fiction

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