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Leslie Charteris

The Saint and the Templar Treasure

Hodder & Stoughton 1979
Jacket design unknown

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Leslie Charteris - The Saint and the Templar Treasure

Leslie Charteris

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It was, to say the least, an intriguing situation. A noble family plagued by a curse that was being helped to work by a couple of small time crooks. A proud and beautiful young woman too well aware of her station to show her emotions openly, but most certainly a very frightened female. A magnificent house that had about it a feeling of foreboding as if even the walls were waiting for something to happen. Plus, for good measure, a professor trying to understand some sort of primitive tombstone. It was like a crossword puzzle with only half the clues and no black squares.

Chance had brought the Saint to the Chateau Ingare, in Provence. But when his visit entangled him in a bitter struggle for the mysterious treasure of the Knights' Templar, he couldn't help feeling that Fate had a hand in it too ...

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