Leslie Charteris

Senor Saint

Hodder & Stoughton 1959
Jacket design unsigned. Jarvis?

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Leslie Charteris

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BEFORE the idea becomes too firmly established that Simon Templar (or, as it usually seems easier to call him, the Saint) never bothered to steal anything of which the value could be expressed in less than six figures, I want to tell here the story of the most trivial robbery he ever committed. The popular conception of the meanest theft that can be committed is epitomized in the cliche of "stealing pennies from a blind man". Yet that, almost literally, is what the Saint once did, And he is perhaps prouder of it than of any other larceny in a list which long ago assumed the dimensions of an epic. The Saint has been called by quite a thesaurus of romantic names, of which "The Robin Hood of Modern Crime" and "The Twentieth Century's Brightest Buccaneer" are probably the hardest worked. By public officials obligated to restrain his self-appointed and self-administered kind of justice, and by malefactors upon whom it had been exercised, he was described by an even more definitive glossary of terms which cannot be quoted in a publication available to the general public.

Classic Crime Fiction

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