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Leslie Charteris

Send for the Saint

Hodder & Stoughton 197
Jacket design Colin Andrews

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Leslie Charteris - Send for the Saint

Leslie Charteris

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Two stories set in 1950, when Simon Templar was still proving that a wartime interlude of at least semi-respectable endeavour had not permanently impaired his piratical propensities.

THE MIDAS DOUBLE, in which the Saint's assistance is called upon by a Greek shipping magnate who is being made the victim of an extraordinarily brilliant impersonator, is a convolution of false identities and double-dealing. And hard-hitting action is promised when he is enlisted to infiltrate a gang of ruthless mercenary commandos in THE PAWN GAMBIT.

In this duet of hitherto unrecorded adventures the Saint shows himself at his reckless and impudent best.

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