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Leslie Charteris

Salvage for the Saint

Hodder & Stoughton 1983
Jacket design Melvyn Gill

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Leslie Charteris - Salvage for the Saint

Leslie Charteris

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The Saint enjoyed messing about in boats -speedboats, as you might have guessed. His own lithe red and cream beauty, the Privateer, had carried him to the Isle of Wight to race the prestigious Cowes to Penzance run, which he was high amongst the favourites to win. Simon Templar's eye for beauty has never been restricted to watercraft, however, and when Arabella Tatenor approaches him in Cowes, it is not without pleasure that he agrees to investigate her wealthy husband Charles's unwanted companion.

The Saint is coolly confident that Charles Tatenor has a secret he is unwilling to share, but not until too late does he discover the truth of it, and the danger to Arabella on her hasty departure to the Cote d'Azur. For hotly pursuing her is large, unctuous Frenchman Jacques Descartes and a selection of his associates who fervently believe she holds the key to questions that have been eluding them for eleven years...questions on which her husband had never breathed a word - not even his last.

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