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Leslie Charteris

The Saint Goes On

Hodder & Stoughton 1934
Jacket design unknown

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If the words "for ever" were added to the title they would be nearly trust. Hunted by th.r police, shot at by every man in England wi.h a secret—and by some with none —the Saint goes on to show that Robin Hood, C:pt.iin Kidd, Raffles, and Don Q. are by no maans the last names on the roll of immortal outlaws. To anyone unfamiliar wi.h the dim beginnings and cumulJitive ramifi :ations of the feud b^twesn Chief-Inspector Tea! and Simon Templar, who was called "The Saint," (if anyone so benighted can b2 irmginsd to exist in the civilised world), Mr, Teal's attitude might ju itifiably seem to lack much of the god-like impar-lialily which ought to smoath tha features of a conscientious detective. But there are many reasons for it. Consider the remarkable disappearance of Sunny Jim Fasson and the astonishing Sittinj On of the High Fence, the curious business of Mrs. Ellshaw's unfaithful husband and the passing of Lord Ripwell, the troubles of Julia Trafford, and the amazing offer of Mr. Bellamy Wage, as recorded in this volume, and draw your own conclusions.

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