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John Newton Chance

The Forest Affair

Published by Robert Hale in 1963
Jacket artist: Unknown

John Newton Chance - The Forest Affair

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Sample from John Newton Chance - The Forest Affair
JOHN DORIAN drove slowly, half thoughtfully, half enjoying the sweet evening air. He had spent the early evening driving round the Forest that he knew, enjoying its beauty, feeling less lonely as with an old, familiar friend. Now and again he thought of Sue and Peter, but it brought a mixture of half recognised feelings and a queer sense of disappointment, and he turned away from thought of them. They had gone off somewhere in the big Phantom— II or III was it? Ill, yes, the man Benson had sulked off in the other. Sulked off, John thought with surprise. Now why had he thought that? Had the man been really that glum? But perhaps he was always like that. Perhaps it was his manner, or just shyness. But there had been some kind of yelling in the yard before that; some argument. John had heard Benson shouting, and Peter trying to calm him down. Yes, that was why John had thought Benson must be sulking. Because of the row. He drove a little faster, annoyed with himself for

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