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John Newton Chance

Alarm at Black Brake

Robert Hale 1960

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One of John Newton Chance's most popular characters, Evelyn DeHavilland, makes a welcome return in this tense and hilarious story of intrigue. Front its first surprising moments to its sudden unexpected ending, the story runs true to the Dellaviland land tradition, which has made so many readers ask for a reprise of the red man. This time the friendly giant stumbles upon the schemes of a powerful gang of organised criminals. For they have been careless enough to let their ring of influence wet the toes of this innocent bystander. Care-less, because the power of the red man's honesty matches the enormous strength of his frame. Indeed, his speed in pursuit is so great that he, the criminals and the reader will all have their feet fiat down on the throttle for most of the time.

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