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Cecil H Bullivant Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Cecil H. Bullivant Series Character: Garnett Bell

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

Cecil H Bullivant Books for Sale

Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Drawing-Room Entertainer C. A. Pearson 1904
Home Fun T.C. & E.C. Jack 1910
Home Plays T.C. & E.C. Jack 1911
Every Boy's Book of Hobbies T.C. & E.C. Jack 1911
Stamp Collecting for Pleasure and Profit C. A. Pearson 1913
Quicksands of London Aldine 1917
Whose Wife ? Herbert Jenkins 1918
The Girl who Stopped the War Odhams 1919
The Woman Wins C. Arthur Pearson 1919 Reissued Robert Hale 1937 as
The Woman Always Wins.
A Strong Man's Way. A romance Odhams 1919
The Wife whom God Forgot Odhams 1919 236 pages ; (8)
Garnett Bell, Detective Odhams 1920
Milly Lynne Shop Investigator Odhams 1920
The Great Alternative Lloyds 1921
Because of the Woman Pearson 1922
A Daughter of Allah Jarrolds 1923 A tale of adventure under eastern skies
A Desert Wooing Aldine 1923 A tale of adventure under eastern skies
Innocence Jarrolds 1923 The story of an artist's model
Blood Money John Long 1924
The Rose of Algiers John Long 1924
Naomi, the Modern John Long 1925
Judge Not John Long 1926
The Unbarred Door John Long 1927
White Raiment Wright & Brown 1930
The Fringe of the Law Wright & Brown 1931
A Broken Honeymoon Wright & Brown 1931
Eyes of Desire Wright & Brown 1931
A King of Crooks Wright & Brown 1932
The Enchantress Wright & Brown 1932
The Devil's Double Wright & Brown 1932
Love's Great Surrender Wright & Brown 1932
The Call of the World Wright & Brown 1933
Destiny's Daughter Wright & Brown 1933
For Better or Worse Wright & Brown 19? Not in British Library or Hubin
Fatal Power Wright & Brown 1934
The Ticket-of-Leave Man Robert Hale 1935 Hubin states Mellifont
Jim the Penman Mellifont 1935
The Hammer of God Mellifont 1935

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Cecil H Bullivant Author Biography - Information About the Author
Cecil Henry Bullivant was born in 1882 and is included in Hubin's list of crime and mystery authors and their books.
This has been a tricky bibliography using several libraries and other sources, several books in this list are not in the British Library for example.
A couple of the titles are very common and were reprinted in large numbers, the novels are quite rare, very rare in dust jacket.

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