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James M Cain

Jealous Woman

Robert Hale 1955
Artist - signed but difficult to read - Jas .. ?

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First Page

AT the desk, when they said she was in 819, I knew hubby or pappy or somebody was doing all right by their Jane, because 19 is the de luxe tier at the Washoe-Truckee, one of our best hotels here in Reno, and you don't get space there for buttons. They're bright, big rooms on the south-west corner, facing the Sierras and overlooking the river, and they cost dough. I didn't state my business, or mention insurance in any way when I rang her. No smart agent would. I just said I was Ed Horner of Edgar Gordon Horner, Inc., and that her husband had asked me to talk to her in connection with a certain matter, so she said come up. And waiting for me, at the door of her suite, a cigarette in one hand and the knob in the other, so she could step inside if she didn't like my looks, was the Jane Delavan you read about in the papers.

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