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Miles Burton

The Death of Two Brothers

Collins Crime Club 1941
Artwork by Nicholson

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MISS BAYDON, as ohe of her 1 ' nephews was fond of saying, was as hard as nails—a believer in plenty of exercise, which she obtained by going for long walks. The village of Llllingford seemed to her an ideal holiday centre for this purpose. On the second day of her stay there Miss Baydon was exploring the country lanes and bridle paths. It was then that she made her startling discovery. Although never before had Miss Baydon come upon a dead man lying at the bottom of a chalk pit, her habitual restraint did not fail her. She did most of the right things, with the result that Inspector Arnold of Scotland Yard was handed a first-class mystery to solve. Mr. Miles Burton's story has an attractive country setting* a war-time village, complete with Home Guard, wardens and special constabulary.

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