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Miles Burton

The Platinum Cat

Collins Crime Club 1938

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THE Reverend Peter Bordesly, Rector of Pascombe, had found in the study of astronomy not only an entrancing hobby but a relief from the torture of insomnia. What more natural pursuit for a clergyman than to turn his gaze heavenwards and survey the spacious firmament on high. And so it came to pass that on a certain November night, when most people were sound asleep, the Rector noticed a cottage on fire and gave the alarm. When the flames were subdued, a startling discovery was made. The charred body of a man lay buried in the debris. Near the body were found a pair of gold cuff-links and a small piece of platinum bearing the figure of a cat. Slender clues indeed, but sufficient to start Inspector Arnold on a trail of brilliant investigation.

Miles Burton

Classic Crime Fiction

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