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Christianna Brand

Suddenly at His Residence

Bodley Head 1947
Dustwrapper artwork by PM

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Christianna Brand    

SUMMER sunshine, the scent of roses, a pleasant country house; the family gathered there, handsome, charming. harmonious, civilised' . . . But, suddenly at his residence'—Grandfather, dies. ! Inspector Cockjill, a shabby little sparrow among all these gaily-coloured humming birds, beats Out the ugly truth: only one of themselves could have killed the old man. Christianna Brand is at her best with a situation such as this : the horror, the heart-break, the doubt and dread, the uneasily growing suspicion between those who love one another; the nervous irritation, the bursts of hysterical gaiety, the sick despair .... The mystery of a man, murdered—with no trace upon the sanded paths of the coming and going of his murderer. With the world-wide success of Death in High Heels, Heads You Lose, and Green for Danger, Miss Brand has joined the topflight of mystery story writers.

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