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Christianna Brand

London Particular

Michael Joseph 1952
Jacket design Freda Nichols

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WHEN we asked Ghristianna Brand what London Particular was about she told us: 'It is set in a London house and everybody is either a member or close friend of the family—it is a doctor's house, a Regency house in Maida Vale; in fact, i t is my own house with all my own family and animals and things in it just for fun. There is a very naughty little lovely called Rose who Gets into Trouble while at finishing school in Switzerland. A French gentleman called Raoul Vernet flies over from Switzerland to "have a talk" (presumably, but was he her base seducer?) about Rose's goings-on there; he arrives to dinner during a real pea-souper, and being left alone for a short time is later found dead in the hall, the telephone receiver clutched in his hand and having been batted on the head with a thing called a mastoid mallet. All parties concerned have been scattered about in the fog, conveniently minus alibis. 'Inspector Cockrill comes into the story, and also my London detective Mr. Charlesworth; there is a very considerable slice of Old Bailey murder trial in it

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