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Christianna Brand

Cat and Mouse

Michael Joseph 1950
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SOME years ago, Christianna Brand was told a true story and, 'as I thought it would be fun to do a good, old-fashioned mystery melodrama,' she has woven around it a tale of horror and suspense, set in a hideous suburban-like house in the heart of the rain-swept mountains of South Wales. From this house letters have poured forth from a young girl calling herself 'Amista'Śletters describing the house and things that have recently happened in the house. And yet, upon investigation, there is no 'Arnista'Śnobody in the village across the valley knows anything of any young girl at the house. . . . The solution of the mystery is based upon that long-ago anecdote; and proves once again, if proof were necessary, that truth is really stranger than fiction.

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