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Leslie Charteris


Hodder & Stoughton 1934

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Synopsis of Boodle Stories of the Saint By Leslie Charteris
THE SAINT IS SOMETHING NEW in adventurous fiction. He is the Robin Hood of modern crime, d'Artagnan without a sword, romance without fancy dress, buccaneer in the suits of Savile Row. Instead of vainly wishing that he had been born in better days, he comes sailing through his own drab mechanical generation with a flourish of trumpets and a Saintly smile, and shapes it to his own ideas. ' Boys and Girls ! ' he says, with the light dancing in those hell-for-leather blue eyes; and you know that he's found a dragon somewhere, and there's going to be no rest for anyone until he's twisted its tail and swiped it on the jaw.

Leslie Charteris


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