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Boileau and Narcejac

The Living and the Dead

Hutchinson 1956
Jacket artwork: Stein

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No longer with the police—for a reason he did not care to re-member—Flavieres was not a man to be surprised by the little side-slips of human conduct. And so, when his old acquaintance Gevignc suddenly looked him up and asked him to keep an eye on his wife, he jumped at once to the idea of infidelity. Any woman, he thought, might be forgiven for straying from Gevigne; but then Madeleine was not any woman, she was ... The words were hard to find.

Soon she was more his problem than Gcvigne's, yet though he came to know so well the graceful movement of her walk, the exquisite line of her clothes, and the soft glint of her hair at the nape of her neck, he had only to look into those pale other-worldly eyes of hers to find himself still baffled. Baffled may-be, but not diverted from his feverish quest for the truth, which was to enmesh them both in a web of crime and violence from which there was no escape.

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