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Don Betteridge

Scotland Yard Alibi

Herbert jenkins 1938
Jacket artwork by Alex Jardine

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Alex Jardine

"As soon as I had killed Monckham, I went .straight round to Scotland Yard. It seemed to be the best background for an alibi." The most sophisticated reader will scarcely be able to resist an introduction so arresting and unusual. Here is a complete change from the usual "manufactured" plot, with the body discovered in the first chapter,; the accumulation of clues and red herrings, and the surprise elucidation of the mystery in the last paragraph. Monckham, the dead man, was a blackmailer who assuredly deserved his fate by all except legal standards. Half a dozen people had good cause to kill, him, and one of them. did—as he confesses in the first sentence. Yet although he admits to the murder he does not reveal his name. Which of the blackmailer's victims is he; Who is he who, determined not to be caught himself, always intervenes in the police investigations so that others may not suffer for his crime: Scotland Yard Alibi is the first detective story of an author whose reputation for another type of fiction is world-wide.

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