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Berkely Mather Bibliography

UK First Edition Books

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Achilles Affair Collins 1959  
The Pass Beyond Kashmir Collins 1960  
Geth Straker and Other Stories Collins 1962  
The Road and the Star Collins 1965  
The Gold of Malabar Collins 1967  
The Springers Collins 1968 US: A Spy for a Spy
The Break in the Line Collins 1970 Dust cover artwork by D'Achille
US title: The Break
The Terminators Collins 1971 Dust jacket artwork by D'Achille
Snowline Collins 1973  
The White Dacoit Collins 1974  
With Extreme Prejudice Collins 1975 Dust jacket artwork by Barry Glynn
The Memsahib Collins 1977 Dustwrapper artwork by Barry Glynn
The Pagoda Tree Collins 1979  
The Midnight Gun Collins 1981  
Hour of the Dog Collins 1982  

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Berkely Mather Biography - Further Information
Berkeley Mather, real name John Evan Weston Davies, is one of those borderline thriller/mystery authors whose inclusion on this site could be questionable. His experience as a professional soldier, and time spent abroad, gives his work richness and depth, and accordingly a popular following, hence his inclusion. He also wrote numerous uncollected short stories, plays for screen, radio and television and a novel Called Genghis Khan. In all cases the UK editions precede their US counterparts and alternative titles have been noted when applicable.

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