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The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
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See also the pseudonyms Victor Gunn and Edwy Searles Brooks

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Three Frightened Men Amalgamated Press 1938 Not in the ECB
Mr Mortimer Get the Jitters Collins 1938 Aug 38. DJ 7/6
Vultures Ltd Ditto 1938 Dec 38. DJ 7/6
Miss Dynamite Ditto 1939 Mar 39. DJ 7/6
Conquest Marches On Ditto 1939 Jun 39. DJ 7/6
Leave it to Conquest Ditto 1939 Oct 39. DJ 7/6
Conquest Takes All Ditto 1940 Jan 40. DJ 8/3
Meet the Don Ditto 1940 May 40. DJ 7/6
Convict 1066 Ditto 1940 Nov 40. DJ 7/6
Six to Kill Ditto 1940 Not in ECB
Thank You Mr Conquest Ditto 1941 Mar 41. DJ 7/6
Six Feet of Dynamite Ditto 1941 Pub Jan 42. DJ 7/6
The Black Skull Murders Swan 1942 as Carlton Ross. Not in ECB
Blonde for Danger Collins 1943 Not in ECB
Cavalier Conquest Ditto 1944 Dec 44. DJ 7/6
The Gay Desperado Ditto 1944 Not in ECB
Alias Norman Conquest Ditto 1945 Purple boards, silver lettering. DJ 7/6
Mr Ball of Fire Ditto 1946 Dust jacket 8/6
Killer Conquest Ditto April 1947 Dust jacket 8/6
Racketeers of the Turf Swan August 1947 as Carlton Ross
Dust jacket 5/-
The Spot Marked X Collins Sept 1948 Dust jacket 8/6
The Conquest Touch Ditto Jan 1948 Dust jacket 8/6
Duel Murder Ditto 1949 Dust jacket 8/6
Dare Devil Conquest Ditto Feb 1950 Dust jacket 8/6
Seven Dawns to death Ditto Nov 1950 Dust jacket 8/6
Operation Conquest Ditto 1951 Dustwrapper 8/6
Conquest in Scotland Ditto 1951  
The Lady is Poison Ditto 1952  
Target for Conquest Ditto 1953  
The Half Open Door Ditto 1953  
Conquest Goes West Ditto 1954  
Follow the Lady Ditto 1954  
Turn Left for Danger Ditto 1955  
Conquest in Command Ditto 1956  
The House of the Lost Ditto 1956 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
Conquest After Midnight Ditto 1957  
Conquest Goes Home Ditto 1957 Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
Conquest in California Ditto 1958 Purple/silver. Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
Death on the Hit Parade Ditto 1958 Purple/silver. Dust jacket artwork by William Randell
The Big Brain Ditto 1959  
Murder & Co Ditto 1959  
Nightmare House Ditto 1960 Dust jacket artwork by Barbara Walton
Conquest on the Run Ditto 1960 Dust jacket artwork by Barbara Walton
Call Conquest for Danger Ditto 1961  
Get Ready to Die Ditto 1961 Dust cover artwork by Barbara Walton. Price 10/6
Conquest in the Underworld Ditto 1962  
Count Down for Conquest Ditto 1963 Dustwrapper design by Barbara Walton
Castle Conquest Ditto 1964  
Conquest Overboard Ditto 1964  
Calamity Conquest Ditto 1965 Dust jacket drawn by by Barbara Walton
Conquest Likes it Hot Ditto 1965  
Curtains for Conquest Ditto 1966 Dust jacket artwork by Barbara Walton

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Berkeley Gray Author Biography - Further Information
Berkeley Gray, real name Edwy Searles Brooks, was an extremely prolific author who also wrote as Victor Gunn and wrote Sexton Blake stories under his own name.

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