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Barbara Walton

Dust Jacket Artist

Barbara Walton is an excellent modern dustwrapper illustrator.
Her work is always evocative and we should very much like to make more of this page.
If you do know anything that will compliment this appreciation of her work please do get in touch
Due to the nature of the site we are concentrating mainly on the crime fiction-thriller style books and covers
All published in the UK on Robert Hale unless otherwise stated
Please keep checking for latest additions

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Author Title Notes
Anthony Aikman The Brokers of Doom 1987
John Blackburn The Bad Penny 1985
Robert Bloch Blood Runs Cold 1963
Robert Bloch The Night of the Ripper 1986
John Carrick The Vulture 1964 Robert Hale
Peter Chambers Lady this is Murder 1963 Hale
James Hadley Chase One Bright Summer Morning 1963
James Hadley Chase The Soft Centre 1964
James Hadley Chase The Way the Cookie Crumbles 1965
James Hadley Chase This is for Real 1965
James Hadley Chase The Way the Cookie Crumbles 1965
James Hadley Chase Cade 1966
James Hadley Chase You Have Yourself a Deal 1966
James Hadley Chase Have This One on Me 1967
James Hadley Chase An Ear to the Ground 1968
James Hadley Chase Bombs Gone 1981
Brian Cleeve Vote X for Treason 1964 Collins
P.C. Doherty The Death of a King 1985 Robert Hale
P.C. Doherty The Prince Drakulya 1986 Robert Hale
Paul Doherty The Lord Count Drakulya 1986 Robert Hale
P.C. Doherty The Angel of Death 1989 Robert Hale
W Murdoch Duncan Meet the Dreamer 1963 John Long
W Murdoch Duncan The Hour of the Bishop 1964 John Long
James Fraser Who Steals My Name 1976 Barrie and Jenkins
Diana Gaines The Knife and the Needle 1963 WH Allen
Malcolm Gair The Schultz Money 1960 Collins
Berkeley Gray Conquest on the Run 1960 Collins
Berkeley Gray Nightmare House 1960 Collins
Berkeley Gray Get ready to Die 1961 Collins
Berkeley Gray Countdown for Conquest 1963 Collins
Berkeley Gray Calamity Conquest 1965 Collins
Berkeley Gray Curtains for Conquest 1966 Collins
Glynn Groudace The Dark Tide 1967
Victor Gunn Devil in the Maze 1961 Collins
Victor Gunn All Change for Murder 1962 Collins
Richard Hall Midnight Raid 1985
Hartley Howard Double Finesse 1962 Collins Thriller
Hartley Howard Out of the Fire 1965 Collins Thriller
Hartley Howard The Eye of the Hurricane 1968 Collins
Basil Jackson Flameout 1977
John D Macdonald One Monday We Killed Them All 1963 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald I Could Go On Singing 1964 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald The Deep Blue Good-Bye 1965 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald End of the Tiger 1967 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald The Deceivers 1968 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald One Fearful Yellow Eye 1968 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald The Girl in the Plain Brown Wrapper 1969 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald The Long Lavender Look 1972 Robert Hale
John D Macdonald Judge Me Not 1999
John D Macdonald The Empty Trap 2000
John D Macdonald Weep for Me 2003
John D Macdonald The Damned 2005
Ross Macdonald The Ferguson Affair 1961 Collins Crime Club
Ross Macdonald The Zebra Striped Hearse 1963 Collins
Bruce Marshall A Foot in the Grave 1987
Lovat Marshall Ladies Can Be Dangerous 1964 RH
Shane Martin A Wake for Mourning 1962 Collins
Nan Maynrad Losers Weepers 1977
William McGivern Night Extra 1957 Collins Thriller
William McGivern Savage Streets 1960 Collins Thriller
William McGivern Seven Lies South 1961 Collins Thriller
Laurence Meynell The Pit in the Garden 1961 Collins
Jane Morell Tiger River 1989
Peter Ordway Night of Reckoning 1967
Anne Perry The Cater Street Hangman 1979
Herbert O Phillips Time Has No Pity 1967
Nicholas Rhea Constable Around the Village 1988
Nicholas Rhea Constable at the Double 1988
Nicholas Rhea Constable By the Stream 1991
Nicholas Rhea Constable in Control 1994
Nicholas Rhea Constable Versus Greengrass 1995
Nicholas Rhea Constable Over the Stile 1998
Nicholas Rhea Constable in the Farmyard 1999
Nicholas Rhea Constable Along the Highway 2001
Nicholas Rhea Constable Goes to Market 2002
Richard Severn The Killing Match 1970
Frank A Smith Corpse in Handcuffs 1969
Jan Webster Makalienski's Bones 1995
Patrick Winn Postscript to Murder 1964
Clifford Witting Crime in Whispers 1964
Clifford Witting Villainous Saltpetre 1962 Hodder & Stoughton

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Further Information - Biography
We are keen to learn more about Barbara Walton and her fantastic cover artwork
She has done a considerable number of romance books and historical fiction which we have not generally included at this point - any biographical information gratefully received

We would also like to clarify the, presumed, connection to Eileen Walton of whom we have 3 jackets on Paul Doherty titles


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