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Joe Balham & Ian Kennedy Martin Bibliography

UK First Edition Books in Order

Joe Balham Series Character: Jack Regan - The Sweeney

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Regan Arthur Barker 1975 Written by Ian Kennedy Martin
The Sweeney Contact Books 1975 Author Ian Kennedy Martin
Regan and the Manhattan File Futura Publications 1976 Written by Ian Kennedy Martin
The Sweeney no.3: Regan and the Deal of the Century Futura Publications 1976 Written by Ian Kennedy Martin
Hardback by Arthur Barker 1977 re British Library
The Sweeney no.4: Regan and the Lebanese Shipment Arthur Barker 1977 Softcover edition Futura 1977
The Sweeney no.5: Regan and the Human Pipeline Arthur Barker 1977 Paperback edition Futura 1977
The Sweeney 6: Regan and the Snout Who Cried Wolf Futura Publications 1977
The Sweeney 7: Regan and the Bent Stripper Futura Publications 1977 British Library lists an Arthur Barker 1978 hardback
The Blag Futura Publications 1978 Film tie-in for the movie Sweeney 2
The Sweeney 8: Regan and the Venetian Virgin Futura Publications 1978
The Sweeney 9: Regan and the High Rollers Futura Publications 1978 No copy in British Library or Bodleian
Commandos 3 : Desert Command Futura Publications 1979 Non series. Paperback original

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Joe Balham and Ian Kennedy Martin Author Biography - Information About the Author
The Sweeney TV series novelizations by Ian Kennedy Martin and Joe Balham are both Hubin listed authors.
We've put them together as we presume book collector and reader interest is primarily in the series of books from the legendary and ground-breaking British TV show featuring John Thaw and Denis Waterman rather than the authors themselves.
Some of the books were published in hardback though not necessarily preceding the paperback, I wonder whether these were produced primarily for public libraries?
A couple of the books were published in America but most were not.
Whilst not overly expensive they're not easy to find in secondhand bookshops, easier online of course.

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