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Max Dalman Obscure mystery writer
Moray Dalton Series character Inspector Hugh Collier & Hermann Glide
Carroll John Daly Important hardboiled author
Elizabeth Daly Series character Henry Gammadge
Clemence Dane Wrote with Helen Simpson
Roland Daniel Very prolific author
Norman A Daniels Prolific American short story writer
Philip Daniels Hubin listed writer
Ruth Darby Peter & Janet Barron
Alan Dare Aka George Goodchild
Johnny Dark Gangster pulp author
Rex Dark Character, Bartholomew Dane
Jocelyn Davey Character, Ambrose Usher
Lionel Davidson Superb, award winning author
L.P. Davies Hubin listed author, also wrote Sci Fi
Howard Charles Davis Series characters: Hugh Rudd - Edward Tope
Lindsey Davis Falco, mysteries set in ancient Rome
Mildred Davis Hubin listed author
Stratford Davis Aka Maisie Sharman
Dorothy Salisbury Davis Julie Hayes - Jasper Tully
G Davison Twisted Face
Geoffrey Davison Series character: Stephen Fletcher
Colin Davy Series character: David Sheridan
Carlton Dawe SC: Colonel Gantian - Leathermouth
Dexter Dayle Fiction House writer
Amber Dean SC: Albie Harris
Elizabeth Dean Antiques based. Emma Marsh
Robert George Dean Aka George Griswold
Spencer Dean Series character: Don Cadee
Donald Deane obscure English mystery writer
Norman Deane aka John Creasey
J Dekker Obscure author
Lew Della 1950s pulp author
John Dellbridge Character Rupert Hambledon
Michael Delving Characters Dave Cannon and Bob Eddison
Lester Dent Aka Kenneth Robeson
Paul Denver Cannon TV show serializations
Mark Derby Aka Harry Wilcox
Joan Dering Hubin listed author
August Derleth Creator of Solar Pons
Hugh Desmond Character Alan Fraser
Detection Club Society for detective fiction writers
DM Devine aka Dominic Devine
Thomas B Dewey Prolific American author
Colin Dexter Creator of Inspector Morse
Michael Dibdin Creator of Aurelio Zen
Alexandra Dick Aka: Sibyl Cicely Alexandra Dick Erikson
Carter Dickson aka John Dickson Carr
Grierson Dickson Superintendent Cissie Marlow
Peter Dickinson Main character Jimmy Pibble
Robert Dietrich Main character Steve Bentley
Eilis Dillon Main character Inspector Mike Kenny
Alan Dipper Hubin listed author
Dorothy Cameron Disney Obscure American author
A.D. Divine Nautical thriller writer listed in Hubin
Maurice B Dix British author - 1889 - 1956
Charles Dixon Hubin listed author
H Vernor Dixon Obscure American author
David Dodge Wrote To Catch a Thief
PC Doherty Leading medieval mystery writer
Jack Dolph Doc Connor books
Hildegarde Dolson Lucy Ramsdale
Dick Donovan Prolific early writer
John Donovan Pseudonym of Nigel Morland
Gavin Douglas Nautical thriller writer
George Douglas Chief Inspector Hallam and Sergeant 'Jack' Spratt
Mary K Douglas Hubin listed author
Todd Downing Hugh Rennert mysteries
Arthur Conan Doyle Creator of the immortal Sherlock Holmes
Peter Drax Chief Inspector Thompson
Ricky Drayton House name for a Gangster pulp author
Peter Driscoll London born thriller writer
Charles Drummond Sergeant Bob Reed
Ivor Drummond Aka Roger Erskine Longrigg
June Drummond South African born writer
Linda DuBreuil Hubin listed writer
Ernest Dudley Character Doctor Morelle and The Armchair Detective
Friedrich Durrenmatt Character Kommissar Hans Barlach
Francis Duncan Character Peter Justice
W Murdoch Duncan Prolific British author
Dorothy Dunnett aka Dorothy Halliday
Francis Durbridge Creator of Paul Temple
Mary Durham Mysteries set in Cornwall
Lynn Durie Aka Douglas Christie
Paul Durst Aka Peter Bannon - John Chelton - Jeff Cochran
Charles J Dutton American thriller writer
Henri Duval Crime and passion pulp writer
George Dyer Catalyst Club mysteries