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Inspector Buck, Jim Beverley

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Man in the Sandhills Jarrolds 1927 US edition: A. & C. Boni 1927
Salter's folly Jarrolds 1927 Book not dated re British Library
The Moonstone Mystery Jarrolds 1928 Not dated
The Moonstone Mystery Jarrolds 1928 Book not dated re BL
Thieves' Justice Jarrolds 1929 Undated book. Oxford Library calls for 1928
British Library 1929 see notes in biography
The Six-Hour Mystery Jarrolds 1929
Death on the Downs Jarrolds 1929
The Mercenary Jarrolds 1931 Again undated
Swooning Venus Sampson Low & Co 1932 Dust jacket priced 7/6
Death Strikes from the Rear Sampson Low & Co 1934 Reissued by Readers Library in 1939
The Mycroft Murder Case Sampson Low 1935
A Century of Detective Stories Hutchinson 1935 Short story: The Young Doctor

Antony Marsden Biography
Antony Marsden is a pseudonym of Graham Sutton
Re Thieves' Justice publication date. Dates given for undated books held by the institutional reference libraries are based on reception date. There is often a backlog in cataloguing so my theory is books published around Christmas time (obviously a very popular time for publishing) can sometimes be catalogued in the ne year hence with next year's date.

Books in dust jacket are rare, I've seen only two in all the years, so collectors may want to consider unjacketed copies


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