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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The Turn of a Wheel Macaulay 1930  
Men Are Strange Lovers King 1935  
Curiosity Killed a Cat Morrow 1941 UK: 1945 John Gifford
The Little Dog Barked Morrow 1942 UK: 1944 John Gifford
Too Much Poison Mill 1944 UK: 1946 Gifford as Cobra Venom
The Painted Monster John Gifford 1945 US: ?
Up to the Hilt Mill 1945  
Fatal Purchase Mill 1945 UK: 1946 John Gifford. Blue cloth, black titles
Dust jacket priced 7/6 on inside flap
Deadly Intent Mill 1946  
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Further Information
We know the author had two main series characters, Inspector Barry and Inspector Pettengill but sadly that's pretty much it. We should very much like to rectify this so if you have any information or are related to the writer in any way please do drop us a line with any information you may have

Blurb from Fatal Purchase
Get the Buddha at any price! " were Henry Maxfield's instructions to Rhana Haines, young and attractive dealer in Oriental art. But, strangely enough, the auctioneer knocked it down to her at a tenth of its value. Strangely, too, there was something artistically wrong with the Buddha, and Mr. Maxwell was noted for the perfection of his collection. Yet there was nothing Rhana could put her finger on, nothing to really arouse her suspicions until she found she had purchased a method of murder.
So Anne Rowe begins her newest murder mystery. There's action and drama, plot and counterplot, the romance of art and the romance of flesh and blood—all against the Maine shore. A house whose front is pure New England colonial, but whose rear—facing the pounding surf— duplicates even to its terraces, statuary and water gardens, Henry Maxfield's one-time home in China. More than providing a two-faced setting for international intrigue, it is the symbol of the man and his fate.


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