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Series Character Tessa Crichton

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Death in the Grand Manor Macmillan 1970
Death in Married Life Macmillan 1970
Death of a Gay Dog Macmillan 1971
Murder on French Leave Macmillan 1972
Death and the Dutiful Daughter Macmillan 1973
Death of a Heavenly Twin Macmillan 1974
Killing with Kindness Macmillan 1974
Nursery Tea and Poison Macmillan 1975
Death of a Wedding Guest Macmillan 1976
Murder in Mimicry Macmillan 1977
Scared to Death Macmillan 1977
Murder by Proxy Macmillan 1978
Murder in Outline Macmillan 1979
Death in the Round Macmillan 1980
The Men in Her Death Macmillan 1981
Hollow Vengeance Macmillan 1982
Sleep of Death Macmillan 1982
Murder Post Dated Macmillan 1983
Getting Away with murder ? Macmillan 1984
Dead on Cue Macmillan 1985
Publish and be Killed Macmillan 1986
Treble Exposure Macmillan 1987
Design for Dying Macmillan 1988
Fatal Charm Macmillan 1988 Dust jacket priced £9.95
Planning for Murder Macmillan 1990

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