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The following Angus MacVicar bibliography contains the criminous titles
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Title Published By Date Issue Points - Notes
The Purple Rock Stanley Paul 1933 Dust jacket 7/6
Death by the Mistletoe Ditto 1934 Dustwrapper 7/6
The Screaming Gull Ditto 1935 Apr 35. DW 7/6
The Temple Falls Ditto 1935 Oct 35. DW 7/6
The Ten Green Brothers Ditto 1936 May 36. DW 7/6
The Cavern Ditto 1936 Sept 36. DW 7/6
Flowering Death Ditto 1937 May 36. DW 7/6
The Crooked Finger Ditto 1937 Oct 37. DW 7/6
Crime's Masquerader Stanley Paul 1938 Mar 38. DW 7/6
The Singing Spider Stanley Paul 1938 Sept 38. DW 7/6
Eleven or 11 for Danger Ditto 1939 Apr 39. DW 7/6
Strangers from the Sea Ditto 1939 Oct 39. DW 7/6
The Crouching Spy Ditto 1941 DW 8/6
Death on the Machar Stanley Paul 1947  
Greybreek Stanley Paul 1947 ND. Orange cloth black titles
The Other Man Pemberton 1947  
Fugitive's Road Stanley Paul 1949 Dust jacket priced 9s 6d
Escort to Adventure Stanley Paul 1952  
Final Proof. Brown 1958  
Mercy Flight Brown 1959  
Storm Tide Brown 1960  
The Dancing Horse John Long 1961  
The Killings on Kersivay Ditto 1962  
Under Suspicion Brown 1962  
The Hammers of Fingal John Long 1963  
The Grey Shepherds John Long 1964  
Stranger at Christmas Brown 1964  
Murder at the Open John Long 1965  
The Canisbay Conspiracy John Long 1966  
Night on the Killer Reef Ditto 1967  
Duel in Glenfinnan Ditto 1969  
Maniac Ditto 1969  
The Golden Venus Affair Ditto 1972  
The Painted Doll Affair John Long 1973  

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Angus MacVicar, born 1908, two main series characters: Rev PJ MacFarlane and Bruce McLintock.

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