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Angus MacVicar


Published by Stanley Paul in 19547
Dustwrapper artist: Shamefully Unknown !

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Angus MacVicar - Greybreek

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Rear Panel from Angus MacVicar's - Greybreek
Mr. Sydney Horler writes:
"The old race of genuine story-tellers is fast dying out. We have lost John Buchan, "Sapper", Edgar Wallace, Oppenheim and Valentine Williams, and there are few newcomers to take their place." Angus MacVicar is one of the notable exceptions. In Greyfareek he displays the art of thrilling narrative at its best and presents a character in the real tradition of "Blackshirt" and "Bulldog Drummond". "Greybreek" is the nom-de-guerre of Alastair MacLeod, ex-officer of the Caledonian Fusiliers. He returns from active service abroad to find that his girl prefers somebody who stayed at home. Completely disillusioned, and disgusted by the spirit of self-seeking which has followed a War of idealism, he decides to seek grim retribution from profiteers and others like them. Assisted by Ferguson, his old batman, and Peter Robertson, once his subaltern in the bitter Italian campaign, he goes into action; but almost at once he comes up against the two people who are eventually to change his whole attitude to life—lovely Margaret Delaforce and Inspector Charles Hagg, dogged, painstaking and a genuine sportsman. Greybreek is a story that will grip your attention to the very last word. At all Libraries and Booksellers

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