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Andrew MacKenzie Series Character: Superintendent Brannigan

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction titles

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
The House at the Estuary Ward Lock 1948
Search in the Dark Ward Lock 1948
Shadows on the River Ward Lock 1949
Splash of Red Ward Lock 1949
Whisper If You Dare Ward Lock 1950
The Man Who Wanted to Die Boardman 1951
Point of a Gun Ward Lock 1951
Three Hours to Hang Boardman British Bloodhound 1955
Always Fight Back Boardman 1955
A Grave Is Waiting Boardman 1957
The Reaching Hand Boardman 1957
Shadow of a Spy Boardman 1958
A Man from the Past Boardman 1958
The Missile Boardman 1959
Voice from the Cell Robert Hale 1961
Week of Suspense Robert Hale 1962

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Andrew MacKenzie Biography
Born 1911, a British author who set his books in Britain, his main series character was Supt Brannigan
The first edition books benefit from some great dust jacket artwork, though not easy to find
Small UK print runs and public library allocations being the cause.
We cannot currently guarantee books published in the same year are in order of publication


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