Margery Allingham

The Fashion in Shrouds

Heinemann 1938
Dustwrapper artwork by Youngman Carter

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Margery Allingham     Youngman Carter

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To few writers is it given thaf their work should earn them a reputation even while they are stifl learning their" trade. It is now sixteen! years since, at the age of Seventeen, Miss AHingham: published her first adventure story. Since then her bocks have been appearing steadily, each bearing fresh evidence: of. the, author's growing strength apcl perception. Now,1 at the age of thirty-three, she has produced a mature work which in our opinion is not only a brilliant detective story but a convincingly realistic novel of modern times. With his creator, Mr. Albert Campion also has matured and his efforts to save his sister Valentine's happiness are the efforts of a grown man, experienced and sophisticated. The problems he has to face are the problems of an ultra-fashionable modern world in which a double murder mystery has other aspects besides the mere excitement of a puzzle, a world in which publicity can be a menace from which the innocent may suffer. As in all this writer's work, the character-drawing is vivid and convincing, but Georgia is a creation who transcends all Miss Ailing-ham's previous portraiture. She shines out of the book, beautiful, witty, feminine, vulgar, predatory, changeable as the wind and utterly charming. There have been many attempts to ally the detective story with the novel, few of them wholly successful, but here at last is the powerful modern novel which has something to say about the world in which we live and which yet is also a gripping detective story with movement, mystery and the blessed element of surprise.

Classic Crime Fiction

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