Margery Allingham

Dancers in Mourning

Heinemann 1937
Dustwrapper artwork by Youngman Carter

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Margery Allingham     Youngman Carter

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When Mr. Campion .walked into the Argosy Theatre at the invitation of Uncle William Faraday, whose "reinforced" memoirs had provided the book for the musical show there, he walked into a mystery as absorbing and far more personally upsetting than any of his career. Miss Ailing-ham's book is a mystery which, without sacrificing any of the thrill and suspense of the pure detective tale, is also a sincere and moving novel. The picturesque company surrounding Jimmy Sutane, the dancer, are living creations whose difficulties and desires excite our sympathy as well as our interest. The child and her dog, the magnificent old doctor, and the man who found himself faced by the prospect of making an impossible decision are not creatures of the imagination, but human flesh-and-blood people whom. we get to know and love.

Classic Crime Fiction

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