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Series Characters: Donald Lam - Bertha Cool

The following bibliography contains the criminous titles
It is in order of original first publication date
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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Lam to the Slaughter Hamilton 1939 DJ 7/6. US: The Bigger they Come
Turn On the Heat Hamilton 1940 Dust jacket 7/6
Gold Comes in Bricks Robert Hale 1942 Not listed inthe ECB
Spill the Jackpot Robert Hale 1948  
Double or Quits Robert Hale 1949  
Owls Don't Blink Robert Hale 1951  
Bats Fly at Dusk Robert Hale 1951 Dust jacket priced 8/6
Cats Prowl at Night Robert Hale 1949  
An Axe to Grind Heinemann 1951 US: Give 'em the Ax, 1944
Crows Can't Count Heinemann 1953 Dust cover priced 9/6
Fools Die on Friday Heinemann 1955 Dustwrapper priced 10/6
Bedrooms Have Windows Heinemann 1956  
Top of the Heap Heinemann 1957  
Some Women Won't Wait Heinemann 1958  
Beware the Curves Heinemann 1957 Dustwrapper priced 12/6
You Can Die Laughing Heinemann 1958 Dust jacket art by Stein
Some Slips Don't Show Heinemann 1959 Dust jacket artwork by Stein
The Count of Nine Heinemann 1959  
Pass the Gravy Heinemann 1960 Dust jacket priced 12/6
Kept Women Can't Quit Heinemann 1961 Dust jacket artwork by Fratini
Bachelors Get Lonely Heinemann 1962 Dustwrapper priced 13s 6d
Stop at the Red Light Heinemann 1962 US: Shills Can't Cash Chips
Try Anything Once Heinemann 1963  
Fish or Cut Bait Heinemann 1964  
Up for Grabs Heinemann 1965 Dust jacket artwork by Derrick Holmes
Cut Thin to Win Heinemann 1966  
Widows Wear Weeds Heinemann 1966  
Traps Need Fresh Bait Heinemann 1968  
All Grass Isn't Green Heinemann 1970  

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See also the pseudonym Erle Stanley Gardner

A A Fair Biogrpahy - Further Information
AA Fair, real name Erle Stanley Gardner, had two main series characters, who appeared in all books, Bertha Cool and Donald Lam. In all cases, the American editions precede the British, alternative titles are noted when applicable. The UK editions were usually published some years after their US counterparts and also out of sequence. The bibliography above is in order of original US publication dates.

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