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Clifford Witting

Measure for Murder

Hodder & Stoughton 1941
Artwork by Janet ? Sale

Clifford Witting - Measure for Murder

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Note from Author
In May, 1939,1 was present at a performance of "Measure For Measure" at the Bromley Little Theatre in Kent. From that visit, this story has been evolved; but although the Lul-verton Little Theatre has many things in common with the Bromley Little Theatre, especially in being fashioned from an old bakery loft by amateur hands, it must not be supposed that the members of my L.A.D.S. have any relation to the players I watched on that tiny stage at Bromley.

My thanks are due to C. F. GREATBACH for drawing the masks behind which MELPOMENE and THALIA hide their real feelings, and the dagger, which is a faithful copy of the stage weapon lent to me by CHARLES H. Fox, LTD., the famous costumiers, who also gave me their kind advice on other theatrical matters,

Clifford Witting    


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