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Wilson MacArthur Bibliography

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Wilson MacArthur Series Character: Alec Sinclair

The following bibliography - Checklist contains the author's crime and mystery fiction books listed in order

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Title Publisher Date Issue Points - Notes
Yellow Stockings Cassell 1925 Dust jacket artist Thornton Kanf
Lola of the Isles Cassell 1926
The Mystery of the David M Andrew Melrose 1932 A yachting mystery of Rothesay and the Kyles of Bute
Landfall Andrew Melrose 1933 A yachting mystery of Arran and the Clyde.
The Quest of the Stormalong Andrew Melrose 1934
They Sailed for Senegal Collins 1938 As D. Wilson MacArthur
Convict Captain : a novel Collins 1939
The Royal Navy Collins 1940
Daredevil Dick Takes Wings Collins 1941 A story for boys
Road to the Nile Collins 1941
The Road to the Nile Collins 1941 Travel in the Western Desert and the Army of the Nile
The North Patrol Collins 1941
The Merchant Service Fights Back Collins 1942
The Road to Benghazi Collins 1942 Reissue of The Road to the Nile
East India Adventure Collins 1945 Illustrated by Reginald Perrott
The Young Chevalier Collins 1946 Prince Charles Edward Stuart
The River Windrush Cassell 1946 46 illustrations by the author
Auto Nomad in Sweden Cassell 1948 65 photographs by the author
The River Fowey Cassell 1948
Auto Nomad in Barbary Cassell 1950
Traders North Collins 1951 Illustrated by William Stobbs
The River Doon Cassell 1952
The River Conway Cassell 1952
Auto Nomad Through Africa Cassell 1952
Auto Nomad in Spain Cassell 1953
The Desert Watches Hart Davis 1954 A journey across the Sahara
Simba Bwana Hurst & Blackett 1956 Dustwrapper artwork by Jock Drummond
The Road from Chilanga Jarrolds 1957
They Sailed for Senegal Collins 1956 British Library also says 1957
Zambesi Adventure Collins 1960 A 'Larry Pearson' story
Harry Hogbin Ward Lock 1961
Death at Slack Water Ward Lock 1962
The Valley of Hidden Gold Collins 1962 A Larry Pearson story
Guns for the Congo Collins 1963 Illustrated by D. G. Valentine
Murder in Mozambique Herbert Jenkins 1963
A Rhino in the Kitchen Ward Lock 1964
The Past Dies Hard Ward Lock 1965
My Highland Love Robert Hale 1978
Escape to Sunshine Robert Hale 1978
My Name is Arabella Robert Hale 1980
Touch a Tender Spot Robert Hale 1981

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Wilson MacArthur Author Biography - Information About the Author
Wilson David MacArthur,pseudonym of David Wilson born 1903 and died 1981, is listed in Hubin's crime fiction reference guide.
Most of the books listed in the bibliography above are not mystery fiction though.

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