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Freeman Wills Crofts

The End of Andrew Harrison

Published by Hodder & Stoughton 1938
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Freeman Wills Crofts The End of Andrew Harrison

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Sample from Freeman Wills Crofts's from The End of Andrew Harrison
The rays entering the windows shone intermittently on his old leather suit-case and bag of golf |t clubs, and indirectly lit up his dark handsome face, with its aquiline nose, sensitive mouth and innate stamp of breeding. It was early May, and London looked cheerful, or at least less sombre than at other times of the year. The pavements had just dried after a shower, and were really clean, and the leaves on the trees in Berkeley Square showed a fresh tenderness in their green which it seemed incredible could have emerged from their black and gnarled limbs. But Markham Crewe was obviously not considering these marvels. His face showed a certain anxiety, as if he were about to meet some crisis in his life. And indeed he was. As the tax: swung into Mount Street his heart gave a leap and began to beat faster. For that house which he was so quickly approaching %- represented the biggest milestone he had yet reached in his one-and-twenty years of life. He knew that on s; what happened in that house would depend his whole ;: future career. 11 There had, of course, been previous milestones. The ;, first which loomed out was that unforgettable morning

Freeman Wills Crofts    

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