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Cecil M Wills

The Case of the Calabar Bean

Hodder & Stoughton 1939
Jacket design unknown

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Cecil M Wills

'Share your suspicions with Chief-Inspector Boscobell/ That is the invi-tation given to the reader by Mr. Cecil Wills in his new detective novel. The suspicions, which centre round the Peculiar death of Rex Farradale, concern more than one member of the dead man's household. And since the reader knows as much of the persons concerned as the official police/ his suspicions may well outrun, or at least keep pace with Boscobell's. But hunting with Mr. Wills' famous Inspector is more than a trial of deductive skill. It also means making friends with a really human policeman who.c unethical conduct is as well-loved by the general public as it is disliked by his 'chief at Scotland Yard.

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