Crime Fiction

Charles Williams

The Long Saturday Night

Cassell 1964
Jacket design by John Brown

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Charles Williams The Long Saturday Night

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The day it began was January 5th. I'd gone shooting that morning, and it was a little after one p.m. when I got to the office. Clebourne's the main street, and the central business district is about seven blocks long. Warren Realty is in the second block from the west end, with J.C. Penney's on one side and Fuller's Cafe on the other, and, except that it's mine, it could be any small-town real estate office anywhere—the plate glass window with a few of the current listings posted in it, a split-leaf philoden-dron here and there, two salesmen's desks forever cluttered with papers, and, as a sort of focal point like the medulla oblongata of the human nervous system, another desk with a typewriter, several telephones, a Notary sign, and a girl who knows where everything is buried, including the bodies. The girl in this case is Barbara Ryan, if girl is the correct term for a thirty-year-old divorcee.

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